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Hello and welcome to our AGGRAND website!  If you are looking for a safe, cost-effective and responsible way to fertilize your farm, garden or lawn, you've come to a great place.  AGGRAND is a group of highly effective natural liquid fertilizers at affordable prices. They’re a superb and refreshing alternative to synthesized chemical fertilizers as they contain no harmful salts, chemicals or environmental impacts.  Chemicals give a lot, but they take a lot too.  AGGRAND only gives. 

AGGRAND fertilizers currently come in four main "flavours:" our balanced Natural Fertilizer [pdf],  the Liquid Potassium [pdf], Liquid Phosphorous [pdf], and the Liquid Lime [pdf].  Our products are 100% natural, in the true spirit of the word.  The Natural Fertilizer (4-3-3), for example, is recognized as 100% bio-based with the USDA bio-preferred program and is excellent for all-around use.  Our other three products are also extremely effective and great for more specific needs, and they can all be conveniently mixed together in any customized spray regime.

AGGRAND also formulates a fifth, OMRI Certified Organic Series [pdf] fertilizer.  A handy brochure that covers all of these products is found here [pdf].  If you are not an OMRI certified organic grower you are just as well off using AGGRAND's standard “Natural Fertilizer.”  If you have any questions, please send them to us any time. 

​Some Benefits of AGGRAND

  • AGGRAND's "Natural Fertilizer" (4-3-3) is a balanced, full spectrum product, containing all the macro’s (N, P, K) and micro’s (S, Mg, Ca, Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn, B, Na, among others).  All our products are healthy "whole food" sources for your plants and soil biology.  Conventional fertilizers are equivalent to processed "junk food."  

  • AGGRAND uses only natural inputs like emulsified menhaden fish (N,P,K, sulfur, essential oils, amino acids & enzymes, micro nutrients, etc.), North Atlantic kelp (many trace minerals, sulfur, plant growth hormones, etc.), bone & blood meal, sulfate of potash, plus vitamins, amino acids, sugars to stimulate soil biology, humic & fulvic acids and much more.
  • AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers contain no harmful environmental impacts.  They do not leach, volatilize, poison or harm in any way, and are safe, bio-degradable and beneficial to biological systems.  This provides both peace of mind and great satisfaction!  

  • AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers are both fast and slow release for immediate and sustained growth, and are very effective when used as either a soil or foliar application.  

  • AGGRAND gives you a natural fertilizer of unsurpassed quality!


​No Comparison

Although it’s normal to compare labels, you cannot compare the analysis numbers of chemical and natural fertilizers and come away with any meaningful conclusion because their makeup and the way they work in the soil is completely different.  The current system of labelling doesn’t take the benefits of gradual nutrient release or the form of the nutrients into account, or the natural nutrient cycling that AGGRAND enhances but chemical fertilizers damage or destroy.  

Because the nutrients in our AGGRAND fertilizers are highly bioavailable and in forms that plants need, uptake efficiency and utilization rates are many times higher than those of industrial fertilizers.  This difference is further highlighted when you consider that chemical options almost always partially volatilize or leach away.  In fact, under certain conditions well over 60% of some chemical fertilizers can completely disappear from your soil before doing a lick of good to your plants.  All it does then is pollute.  This is one reason why chemical fertilizers must necessarily use higher analysis numbers: without them they would be ineffective.  

This is why in our 2010 and 2014 Production Studies AGGRAND was able to significantly outperform a leading chemical fertilizer in all areas including numbers, total yield and quality, even when the competition had higher analysis numbers of 24-8-16.  There is much more to fertility than simply putting down a few synthesized chemical isolates!  (All studies can be found on the Educate Yourself! page.)  With recommended dilution rates of roughly 3% (97% water), a little bit of AGGRAND goes a long way!  Pound for pound, our highly formulated fertilizers are far more effective, safe and sustainable than any synthesized imitation. 


A common assumption among many is that natural fertilizers cannot be as effective or cost-effective as conventional products.  Even those who want to crop more responsibly are often burdened with this operating bias and assume AGGRAND will not fit into their operating margins.  This doesn't have to be the case at all!  Look at the results [pdf] this farmer enjoyed with his wheat crop once he committed to AGGRAND fertilizers exclusively.  The results speak for themselves, as do those from other successful users.  AGGRAND makes sense, both financially and biologically. 

​Two Websites in One

Some customers want to stick with the basics and prefer not to wade through pages of information, and that's fine.  For those that want to keep it simple, this page and the links above may be all you need. 

For those who really want to dig in, however, we have written several pages containing specialized, in-depth information to explain the "how" and "why" of soil health & fertility.  They should be read, ideally, in the following order.  The first, Soil Biology, discusses the vital & foundational role soil biology plays in the whole matter.  The second page, Soil Analysis, addresses the topic of chemical and mineral balance in your soil, and the importance of getting your soils analyzed.  And lastly, A Tale of Two Fields (split into two parts) offers some practical insights into how your gardening or farming practices affect the health of your operation. The Glyphosate and Educate Yourself! pages stand alone.  All these pages just listed are for the serious inquirer!  It is our hope they are profitable to you.    

Natural fertility can only exist when healthy and diverse soil biology thrives in an environment of balanced, unpolluted soil chemistry, with all that entails.  When you fully appreciate this you will better understand how AGGRAND can be so effective in growing more robust, nutritionally dense and healthy plants.  As a premium division of AMSOIL with decades of experience, you can trust these fertilizers to work. Sold in quart bottles, jugs, barrels, and up to bulk totes and tanker loads, AGGRAND has an awful lot to offer. 

Why not give it a try?  "Grow Up" with AGGRAND!



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