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           Hello and welcome to our ALTRUM homepage!  If you are looking for top quality, natural, whole-food sourced vitamins and supplements, you have come to a great place.  Because ALTRUM is a division of AMSOIL, quality is the watchword for everything on this site.  ALTRUM is dedicated to sourcing premium, natural and whole-food ingredients for its products.  The widespread use of synthesized and inorganic chemical isolates in the supplement industry is a common cost-cutting practice today, but from a nutritional standpoint this makes for a very poor quality product. 

           In nature, plants convert inorganic minerals and mineral salts into vitamin and mineral complexes ideal for us.  These work synergistically and must be in their complete forms for maximum benefit.  Plants do not produce chemical isolates; only drug companies do that.  Inorganic and synthesized nutrients are basically rocks and lab chemicals.  They're not altogether useless, but they are vastly inferior.  It takes a lot of energy to process and assimilate nutrients in these forms, and they become toxic much quicker when concentrations are too high.  Rather, we were meant to get our nutrients from plants (and some animals that eat plants), and the bottom line is the closer our food is to natural forms, the healthier it is.  ALTRUM supplies nutrients nature's way by using quality, natural whole food sources.  This approach may cost more, but it's inherently superior.    

          Of all our products, four in particular help comprise a great foundation for health: our Ultra Multi's, Nutritional Oils, Ultra Daily Enzymes and Ultra Probiotics.  For those who want the convenience of just one supplement, the multi-vitamins are perhaps the best place to start.  

           You can get the Ultra-Multi's with or without iron, and they contain more than 130 premium nutritional ingredients including vitamins, minerals, herbs and superfoods, all of which are chelated for much greater availability.  These are the highest quality and most formulated multi-vitamins money can buy.  For ingredient details read this helpful brochure: Ultra Multis g2518.pdf.  We carry a simpler, more affordable multi-vitamin option as well.  You can see everything ALTRUM carries on the "online store."  

           If basic nutritional needs are not met your body cannot grow, heal or function properly, and over time many chronic conditions can begin to manifest, especially as we age.  Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are the very building blocks of our body.  We absolutely need them, and quality nutritional supplementation is needed now more than ever.  Much of our western diet is comprised of empty processed foods which derive from soils abused and depleted after decades of industrialized agriculture.  Ever worsening health statistics demonstrate the plight. 

           Don't be fooled.  Quality nutrition and sound lifestyle choices go a long way in enabling you to stay healthy.  If you do get sick you will be in a better place to quickly fight it off and bounce back, and your immune system will be strengthened through the process....if it has all the nutrients it needs.  A certified nutritionist can help you in these matters.  ALTRUM nutritional supplements are common sense, healthy nutrition that work for thousands, and they can work for you too!  If you have any questions about ALTRUM, please contact us at any time.  We are happy to help. 

           And then why not give it a try?  "Shape Up" with ALTRUM! 



           John A. Westendorp

           Dealer #1813831


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