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AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers have serious environmental credentials, and their use involves no harmful environmental impacts other than minimal processing and normal shipping costs common to all products on the market.  Our products are 100% natural in the truest sense: there are no synthesized chemicals in our fertilizers.  Our Natural Fertilizer (4-3-3) is distinguished as a 100% bio-based fertilizer by the USDA bio-preferred program. Everything in AGGRAND is fully compatible with biological systems and breaks down in a matter of hours or days at longest.  No harmful or unnatural by-products arise from this decay: everything is utilized by the plant and soil biology as a whole-food source.  AGGRAND is truly and fully "bio-degradable."  

Another big positive with AGGRAND is the fact it’s virtually salt free (most products contain no salt, and some are under 1% content).  This is especially beneficial in highly irrigated areas.  There is more detailed information on salt use in part one of A Tale of Two Fieldsbut basically when found in higher than trace amounts salts rapidly become toxic to soil and plant life.  Most chemical fertilizers don’t just contain salt, they are salt.  Others like urea, for example, break down into salt.  If you only use small amounts of chemical fertilizer you can mitigate this damage to the point that you will not see it with your eyes, but you’re still adding another stressor to the system.  Larger amounts destroy soil microbes and harm plants. 

Consider also that AGGRAND completely eradicates pollution issues.  It doesn't leach harmful excesses into the water table, or volatize into the atmosphere as do petro-chemical fertilizers.  Do you remember the huge algal bloom a few years back in Lake Erie?  It caused a lot of harm to the lake: much of it turned into a large dead zone that cannot support marine life.  It has not completely recovered, and will not fully recover while these conditions persist each year now.  How did this happen?  Balanced algal populations are normal in the great lakes, but these abnormally large blooms are stimulated primarily by heavy excesses of agricultural phosphorous and nitrogen which drain into the lake, combined with the right climate conditions.  

The picture below is a graphic illustration of what agricultural run-off does to the environment, in this instance in our back yard almost.  It shows a massive algal bloom in Lake Erie during 2011.  Lake Erie is a shallow and warm lake.  Thousands of tons of chemical nitrates and phosphates used in production agriculture ends up running off fields and into waterways, where it gives a tremendous boost to the algae.  This algae releases large amounts of a dangerous toxin into the lake which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars for municipalities to remove.  Who's paying for that?  In fact, 500,000 people in Toledo, Ohio were without water for several days in 2014 because of this.  When all this algae dies and begins to decompose it uses up the oxygen in the water, creating a condition known as hypoxia which kills much of the marine life in the lake.  This creates large dead zones.  Lake Erie is now quite damaged, even partially dead.  This is a disaster from economic, human and environmental health stand points.

The industrial farming community with it's numerous "experts" said this wouldn’t happen again, but in 2013 there was another large algal bloom in Lake Erie, with smaller ones in 2014 (when it was cooler).  This threat to life in the lake and river system will only worsen in time if current trends are not reversed.  The lower St. Lawrence River, Chesapeake Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, China and other agricultural areas around the world are dealing with this as well. 

As we’ve shown elsewhere on this website, as long as there is decently healthy soil biology in your field or garden when AGGRAND is applied, those microbes will rapidly fix the nutrient content in AGGRAND fertilizers.  Within 24 hours it will be completely immobilized in the soil, meaning it cannot vaporize or leach into the water table.    

This means AGGRAND completely eradicates chemical pollution in our soils and waterways.  If everyone had been using AGGRAND properly for the last five years this picture of Lake Erie would be blue, not green, and the lake would not be as heavily damaged as it is now.  Moreover, 100% nutrient fixation means all the fertilizer you paid for will be working for you, not just the 30-70% that didn’t volatilize or leach away, which means much greater bang for your buck. 

  Because AGGRAND is made of naturally occurring, 100% bio-based ingredients it readily decomposes and it does not pose any health threat to people or animals.  We’ve heard reports of dogs and raccoons going after and eating it.  Well you know it’s healthy if that’s the case…animals always go after the good stuff and avoid the dangerous when given the choice.  You don’t need to worry about poisoning your children, yard, garden, the waterways or marine life.  AGGRAND is safe for everyone and everything involved, and it feels good knowing that. 

Conventional fertilizers are chemical isolates that often derive from petroleum products.  In addition to the health consequences of your plants using this poor form of nutrition, the price tag for chemical fertilizers are directly related to the petroleum industry.  You can expect the price of chemical fertilizers to rise sharply whenever oil prices spike, as we have seen happen several times over the past couple decades.  This is unavoidable.  AGGRAND offers some relief here as well, as it mainly relies on petro products for shipping, not raw materials.  This gives us an advantage and helps to keep costs down when oil goes up. 

When used properly AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers contain and produce no harmful impacts whatsoever!  They're healthy and safe for your animals, your family, your community and the environment.  They reduce our dependence on petroleum products and lay a solid foundation for sustainable cropping, gardening and lawn care.  They're quite affordable, and of course, they work great!  You can use our products with confidence. 

Do you want to grow healthy, robust and nutrient dense plants while doing your part to keep the planet healthy?   Then why give AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers a try?  "Grow up" with AGGRAND!

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