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           ALTRUM has newsletters and literature that go back years, entitled ALTRUM NEWS  and ALTRUM FOCUS, respectively.  They can be accessed here.  

          Unlike the AMSOIL and AGGRAND sites, we are not highlighting separate links or literature below.  There is too much to read, too much to choose from.  Any search online will reveal a wealth of information on the topics of health and nutrition.  We will say this though: be careful where you get your information from.  

         Huge conflicts of interest and multi-billion dollar profits abound in the pharmaceutical and health industries.  With so much money at stake (literally hundreds of billions), you absolutely must get your nutritional and health information from sources independent of these industry's financial "influence."  Unfortunately, our ever vigilant government agencies have gotten themselves thoroughly mired in this mess and now have cozy relationships with the very industries they are supposed to regulate.  If you are wondering how things could have gotten this bad, you need to learn the history of our western health system.  

The History Channel

         If you want to know the history here, you have to find time to research the "Flexner Report" (recognizing that depending on where you look they will paint it as either a huge success or a scandal of epic proportions).  Research how, in an era when scores of competing medical schools employed various models within an open market place of ideas, industrial tycoons Carnegie and Rockefeller, along with the American Medical Association, formed an alliance to force a profit driven monopoly onto the medical system.  A monopoly comprised of, get this....petroleum derived drug products and the fledgling schools that endorsed this new and highly profitable model.  Research how all the competing medical schools and their grads, perfectly fine up till that point, were suddenly denied medical certification, and how those schools dwindled from 150 down to two in number, and then none, within the span of two decades.  

          If you make it that far you will have begun to learn the real history behind the stunningly successful take-over of the western medical system by big monied interests, namely, the oil and drug industries.  It was so triumphant and so successfully marketed, in fact, that most practitioners and the general public today are completely unaware of it!  Moreover, many don't want to believe it when told.  Instead dissenters to conventional wisdom are labelled as quacks and dangers to the public good, even when many have proven track records of successfully treating illness.  This is one for-profit industry that cannot abide competition.  From that point on, simply follow the money to the present.  


          Does this mean all doctors, nurses and other supports staff in the medical care system today are corrupted or unreliable? Absolutely not!  There are many brilliant, gifted and well-intentioned people working in the system who do their best, and do a lot of good!  The problem remains, however: at its root the current system is profit-driven, and we're not talking small profits here either.  Doctors are taught to treat symptoms, not causes, and to use patent drugs, not nutrition.  They receive years of training on how to navigate the pharmaceutical landscape but scant hours on nutrition science, yet the nutritional sciences are just as complex and just as vital, if not more so.  

          There are, and always have been, more than one way to slice the pie; other viable and highly effective ways to support health and treat illness, but today, if they're not highly profitable drugs they are passed over.  Moreover, the system works overtime to stifle all dissent...hardly the way to move forward.  If the current model was sound it would be able withstand the weight of scrutiny.  We should use what works best for all, not what generates the highest profits for a few.  

          When you know the real history here, all the modern fiascos, massive profits, pandemic scares and their endorsed "chemical fixes," etc., suddenly make more sense!  Our health system is great at dealing with acute trauma, but very poor with long-term health care.  

          Thankfully there are still other affordable, eminently safe and time tested ways to address long-term health: sound nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.  Your health is in your own hands.  Be pro-active!  If you wait until serious issues arise things can get complicated, and you'll be missing out on what good health has to offer.  If you have any questions about our products and how they may apply to you, we will answer them to the best of our ability.  We are happy to help!  

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