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           Below is a collection of useful information.  We have included a few useful articles, studies, papers and websites because they're quality and relate to some of the topics covered on this website.  We have no financial ties to anything mentioned here other than AGGRAND.    

          You should be aware of the fact that there
is an information and PR war being waged over these topics.  There is a body of science which is funded by the agro-chemical and biotech industries, which largely control what is researched, by whom, and how results are edited and disseminated by mainstream media.  They gain this power by giving away prodigious amounts of money.  And then there is another, global body of science whose research findings and conclusions are independent of industry funding.  It should be no surprise these two bodies draw drastically different conclusions about the safety and sustainability of biotechnology and modern agricultural chemicals. 

          Don't know who to trust?  Just follow the money!  Learn who owns a site, who sponsors, edits and publishes the studies and thus who stands to gain by it's drawn conclusions.  The bio-tech and chemical industries combined rake in tens of billions annually.  With such ludicrous amounts of money on the line, reliable information can only be found in independent research.    

          Excellent commentary on the sordid details surrounding the hot Food and Chemical Toxicology study can be read
here.  With 60 years of scientific research under his belt, Dr. Huber is a superb source on glyphosate and related agronomic and pathology issues.  Another good source is Dr. Thierry Vrain, former lead researcher and head of the bio-technology department at Agriculture Canada prior to his retirement.  We feature videos from both men on the Glyphosate page.  More names could be added.  These resources are listed here simply because they are very helpful.  Knowledge is power, and forewarned is forearmed!  Take advantage of all the information below, and enjoy! 

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