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           This business had its start about eight years ago, though I've been using AMSOIL twice that long.  I’ve spent time working in motorcycle and automotive shops and have been a bit of a gear-head most of my life.  I love motorcycles!, have had a trucking licence for the last couple decades, periodically do field work for farmers when they're very busy and try to keep up with evolving tech.  For a good dose of irony, I’ve also held jobs delivering bulk feed and chemical fertilizers & inputs to farmers....before venturing down this path of research & discovery.  

          Along the way I gained a University B.A. and subsequent M.D. (Master's Degree), and have many academic interests. The study of fertility, cell and soil biology, agronomy and how everything works together in the soil is complex beyond measure and truly fascinating.  

 I've taken coursework on all our products and have over a decade of experience using them and working with customers in all sorts of applications.  Gaining experience with our products is interesting and a lot of fun, especially when we receive great customer feedback or get a chance to see the incredible results from their oil analysis reports, for example.  

          In our house, we believe God is the Master Craftsman who made this beautiful world, and we should work to preserve it. We're not proverbial "tree huggers" here: this world was made to be used, but wisely. The resources of our planet, including our soils, are not here to be gorged upon and the leftovers tossed.  Rather, they are ours to cultivate, advance and use for our needs and the well being of our posterity.  

AMSOIL (and its divisions) is an independent family-run company that operates with integrity and great expertise, and we are proud to represent them.  The quality of our products remains unsurpassed and they have performed wonderfully for millions.  They will work for you too.  We’re here to help if you have questions or need any assistance along the way. 



            John A. Westendorp,  B.A., M.D.

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